Since Belted Air Power began shipping the PSRU package for the RV-6 and RV-6A,
the requests for technical information have been daunting; We appreciate all of the interest
that has been shown, and have done our best to answer some of the common questions in the
following Frequently Asked Questions.=================================

======= 1. Which engines is the Propeller Speed Reduction Unit (PSRU) Compatible with?
========= The PSRU Drive unit is compatible with the Chevy Vortec V-6 4.3 liter, and the Chevy V-8 350.

======= 2. What does the engine weigh?
========= The V-6 weighs 292 lb. bare, the V-8 400 lb. bare.

======= 3. How much horsepower does the engine deliver?
========= At 3500 RPM, the 4.3 liter provides 175 HP, the 350 provides 225 HP.

======= 4. What is the relationship between Torque (T), Horsepower (HP) and RPM?
========= HP = RPM * T  /  5252
========= T = HP * 5252  / RPM
========= RPM = HP * 5252 / T

======= 5. How much torque does the engine deliver?
========= At 3000 RPM, the 4.3 liter provides 262 ft. lb., the 350 provides 300 ft. lb.

======= 6. What is the ratio of the drive unit?
========= The Propeller Speed Reduction Unit has a ratio of 1.43 : 1

======= 7. What is the life of the belt life?
========= The recommended service life is 2 years or 500 hours, whichever comes first.

======= 8. What propellers can be used?
========= The PSRU is fitted with a SAE 2 flange. Any propeller fitting that flange may be used.

======= 9. Are plans available?
========= The PSRU comes finished, therefore no plans are provided.

======= 10. When will the RV-6 package be available?
========== Installations for both the RV-6 and RV-6A are available now!

======= 11. What does the firewall forward package cost?
========== It depends on what components you select but it should come in under $13k,
========== and that would include a brand new V6 engine from Chevrolet.
========== A complete FWF install is less than half the cost of standard aircraft engines.
========== Maintenance and replacement costs are also dramatically less.

======= 12. Where are drive units available?
========== Drive units may be purchased now, directly from Belted Air Power.

. ========= Still have more questions?  E-mail

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