BAP News - Update - Insurance for Auto Powered Planes 02-02-12

	To all of our customers and those considering using the V-6 or V-8 power plants with the 
	Belted Air Power Reduction Unit we have good news.

	Having talked at length with a Mr.Cody McCormick of AIG insurance he is confidant that 
	the market will open up to this type of equipment. He has offered the following companies  
	to start with and as more come on line we will be happy to add them to our list. 
	The following are on the west coast and in Arizona.

	Airpower Insurance   Phoenix  AZ
	602-628-2701   or  Toll Free: 866-475-9199
	Contact Tom Johnson
	Free Quote:

	Falcon Ins. Las Vegas,NV
	Contact Dave Austin

	S W Aviation PHX Arizona
	(480) 483-7844

	Falcon Upland,CA
	(909) 593-9362
	Contact Jim McJoynt

	Rhoda Strombeck 
	(818) 780-6112

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