Dear Mr. Meyers,

I have forwarded a copy of your email below to Mr. Green. Tom Green is a very busy man, so I thought I would send you a response as soon as possible to let you know why the link to your site was removed.

Below is a copy of a new policy I received, and the reason for removing the link to your site. Other sites may be removed as we review each link to see if the linked sites conform to this new policy.

(Policy as follows) 

Policy to determine the suitability of links to other business web sites.

It has been decided that the primary focus of our website is to advertise Van's Aircraft Products.

In this regard, links to other business's web sites may only be allowed if the product line of the other business does not in any way compete with products sold by Van's.

If another business is to be linked to the Van's Aircraft website, NO product of that company should compete with any currently sold product from Van's.

EXAMPLE: If Vanís Aircraft links to an 'alternative engine' supplier on Van's website, Van's may lose a potential engine sale.

 EXAMPLE: If Vanís Aircraft links to a business that advertises for sale a 'propeller' at a lower price than the same advertised product at Van's, Vanís may lose a potential sale.

(End of policy)

I am, and have been making changes to our WWWLinks page, based upon our General Managers recommendations with regard to the new policy. The link to your site along with other business links have been removed, because of the new policy.

While you may not agree with our new policy I wanted you to know why the link had been as soon as possible.


Bob DeVore


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